Make VR,
earn crypto


Media with no limits and no ads

Decentralized Limitless User Experiences

Dlux is the first free decentralized virtual reality platform anyone can use to make VR and earn crypto.

Responsive XR

Our A-Frame codebase powers your imagination across desktop, mobile, virtual, and augmented reality.

Thoughtful UX

We consider every detail to deliver a frustration-free experience, making VR easy and enjoyable.

Crypto Incentive

Upvotes on the Steem blockchain earn real crypto currency you can spend, trade, or transfer.

No Ads, No Censorship

This is new internet. Your scene is decentralized and downloaded peer-to-peer on the IPFS network.


end-to-end xr production

We lean into the future, which includes decentralization, tokenization, interactivity, 3D assets, 360 video, and immersion within augmented and virtal realities.

Media Capture

3D-360° video, volumetric holograms, WebRTC. If that all sounds made up, we don’t blame you. We have the knowledge and relationships to move your project from pre to post production successfully.

Interactive Development

Build your stories outside the traditional 16x9 box with XR. Bring the experience to life with location survey, 3D scans, 360° imaging, 3D asset modeling and assembly. Then add a little magic.

Decentralized Distribution

Use blockchain technology for ownership, monetization, distribution and even live broadcast. Eliminate censorship and ads while earning crypto currency through distributed proof-of-stake.
Ready to build the experience you’ve been imagining?

Who we are

Mark E Giles


Cinematographer and futurist. Obsessed with computers since the early ’90s, and an affinity for visual communication developed across industries. One tour of duty in the Navy as an Electronics Technician Nuclear, followed by a BA in Film, and six years of freelance video and marketing. He doesn’t wonder what’s possible—he proves it.

Steven "Panda" Ettinger


Veteran Electronics Technician Nuclear, then a teacher at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. He came to LA as a radiotherapy tech, but his interest in decentralization has him pushing the envelope of budget possibility. With dlux under his belt, the advertiser has vanished from rich media, and content belongs to the creator—a paradigm there is no return from.

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